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Who is Ms. Forte?

Ms. Forte is the mastermind behind MsForteStudio.com – a free resource designed to provide expert advice to vocalists of all backgrounds. Inside you’ll find pointers on vocal technique, exercises to calm your nerves, tips on proper posture and so much more!

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Whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or just sing for fun, it’s important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase its potential. Personalized lessons are a great place to start!

I took lessons from Rachelle for a year while I was completing an internship in Arizona. Rachelle was a tremendous teacher that taught me things about my own voice I never knew! I would recommend her to anyone.

Bryce Hyslip

Worship Leader

Technique Tuesday: Resonance Part 2! Nasal vs Forward

Hey Everyone!  It’s Technique Tuesday and we are getting into the fun stuff of how to create colors and enhance the tone quality of the sounds we are making!  Last week we talked about how to add bass…Resonance Part 1   so this week, let’s talk about Treble!  So many...

Technique Tuesday: Making Sound 101

We’ve spent a couple weeks on Breathing…and now we get to find out why!  How does our air affect our sound?  Why is it so important that we have control over our airflow?  How does this help me sing? Well, the answers come when we understand how our voice...

Technique Tuesday: Breathing 101

Technique Tuesday: Breathing 101. How to breathe from your diaphragm and have good breath support. https://youtu.be/Z9wg3Mb_FNE