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Check out my new Video lesson page on Patreon! This is a great way to get vocal tips, practice at home, and even get some personal coaching via Skype!

The Site:

How it works:
You sign up to be a Patron and support me by pledging anything from $1 to $50 per video I post…so you only pay for what I post! You can also set a monthly cap so even if I post extra videos in the month, you stick in your budget. Each amount has a different reward level, including monthly google chats, personal consultations, and even monthly private lessons.

What you get:
I will post 2-4 videos each month with different vocal technique lessons, warm-ups, performance tips, and performances. Example:*
Week 1–Technique Lesson on increasing your range
Week 2–Performance video of me singing “Beauty and the Beast”
week 3– Tips on how to sing “Beauty and the Beast”
week 4– Vocalise Video
*Some months may have more or less…

I’m excited to share this with you, and hopefully make voice lessons more accessible and feasible! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the site. Please pass it on to anyone you know who is looking to get some vocal coaching tips and support a Performing Artist!


Thanks so much for checking it out!