Technique Tuesday : Articulator-your jaw

Hey Everyone!  This week I just want to give you some quick tips on how to keep your jaw relaxed and open while you sing!

Find the hinge that works your jaw and simply open until you feel it release.  That is your natural singing position.  Basically, wherever your jaw naturally “drops.”   Think of this as your neutral position so everything should come back to this.  That’s right…open, not closed, is our neutral!  It actually requires muscles to keep our jaw closed, and we want to keep all of our muscles (except those abs) as relaxed as possible when we sing.  Start with just keeping your jaw in a nice easy dropped position!

Keep the jaw open and relaxed and don’t move it when you change pitch!  Now of course, we are going to have to open and close the jaw when we say words, but in reality we don’t HAVE to move our jaw as much as we do, so when we sing we actually try to eliminate unnecessary movement!  We want to be especially careful that we are not moving our jaw to “help” us change our pitch.  If you are singing one vowel (like ah’s in warm ups) there is no need to move your jaw with every pitch change.  You may need to open it as you go higher to create more space, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  Use you finger on your chin or even just watch yourself in the mirror and see how often you are moving your jaw when you don’t actually need to. 🙂  You might be surprised.

Check out this video for more practice tips:


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