Warm up Wednesday: Tongue Twisters

So I’m planning to do a full post on the importance of warming up, and tips for a great warm up, etc.  But since I’m heading into tech week for a show and am short on time, I’m just going to give one tip!

Warm up what you NEED!  I always warm up my full range, but might concentrate on a specific area or style based on the song.  Always warm up at least 1-2 notes lower and higher than you need to for the song.  If your song is a belting song, make sure you warm up your belt.  If it is a classic soprano song, warm up your legit voice.  If you are like me and your show covers the whole kit and caboodle of range and style…warm it ALL up!

You can also warm up specific things like holding long notes, connecting your breath, or long phrases.  Coming into Christmas…songs like O holy Night, Silent Night, and O little town of Bethlehem are going to have those long phrases.

Or if you have a patter song or fast song, it’s great to warm up that diction.  Sondheim stuff, Watch what Happens, or God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen tend to go better when you have already warmed up your tongue, jaw, and speech.  Here is a video with a couple tongue twister warm ups:


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