Therapy Thursday: Having an Authentic Performance

Hey Everyone… It’s been awhile since I posted, and of course I have all sorts of reasons/excuses for that. I decided to try to pursue some performing dreams and started auditioning for a number of things, which took a great deal of time to prepare. But to be honest the biggest reason is the same issue I dealt with when going to all my auditions….I’m super nervous. See I have this “perfectionist” nature where I feel like everything must be exactly right and I want to be put together and “professional” and have people see me and go “wow!” Don’t we all want people to say “wow”?! Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a performer…but whatever. So I have been nervous about auditions…and nervous about putting out videos, cuz the truth is, I don’t have it all together, and when it comes to videos I certainly don’t have it all together! I feel like I am this crazy mix of confidence and insecurity. On the one hand, I am confident in my singing ability and even in my teaching ability, worked through most of the nerves on those years ago…however, my video shooting/editing/people actually being interested in watching what I have to say…not so much. But going through these auditions (and bombing some of them!) has taught me some things…or rather started to teach me some things (it’s a process)… and I think it’s going to change my approach to this blog/videos. I definitely still want to share vocal tips and lessons and practical help for how to use your voice. But I think I’m going to open it up and do a little more “not so structured” for a bit. Even if it’s just for me! So here’s a few things I’m learning through my audition process:
The number one thing I have been told by coaches/actors/singers/casting directors/everyone is BE AUTHENTIC. Give an “authentic performance”, be true to the character and let your choices come from a real place, we want to see YOU, we want to hear YOUR heart/emotions/what the song means to you. Whether you are auditioning for a “character” or singing something as yourself, people want to hear and see YOU, what you bring to the song and/or role. Show YOUR Best self is what they say…but how to do that?! While I obviously don’t have all the answers (or I would be getting many more jobs!) here’s some things I am learning.
How to have an authentic performance/audition.
1) Know who you are
2) LIKE who are…Flaws and All
3) Believe and expect that people will like who you are…flaws and all!
Be willing to risk being honest, with yourself and others. Put yourself out there. It’s scary, but it’s actually what people are looking for. I’m so amazed at how I “think” I’m doing this in songs, but realize that I’m “acting”…and in order to give an “authentic” performance I have to be willing to let people see my flaws and insecurities as well as my awesomeness 😊

SO, since I need to work on this, I’m going to do it here, on the internet, in front of God and everybody so to speak 😊 I’m going to commit to sharing one thing about myself every week. Just being open and honest and real about who I am, my life, thoughts, music, whatever. It may not be great quality, but I’m going to do it! This is my work at not being a perfectionist and thinking that everything has to be totally professional and put together. Hopefully, one day I will get there, but truthfully if I do it will be because I have paid people to help me…cuz I certainly can’t do it on my own! Hopefully, through watching my journey, flaws and all, I can help you find your voice as well!