WHY should we Focus on our Health?

Our BODY is our instrument!  Your vocal cords function as part of the body, they don’t work independently.   More than any other instrument it’s hard to “play” when you feel tired, sick, or even your feet hurt.  When you want to do your best you need your equipment to be at 100%!  You don’t want a worn out tennis racket to play in Wimbledon or a car with a rusty engine to drive in the Indy 500.  Even one key on a piano that is need of repair can sour an entire concerto.   A little stomach ache, tiredness, itchy skin…even if they are just “irritating” and not “debilitating”, these kinds of things can cut our effectiveness and our performance down from 100%.   There are notes I can’t hit and songs I can’t sing unless I am at 100%!

Quick tips on Singer’s Health:

FOOD—What you eat affects your voice

-Acid reflux  (peppers, carbonation,  spicy foods)

-Dairy often creates more mucus

-caffeine dries you out  (must have twice as much water to balance out, or avoid all together)

-GUT—an upset stomach hinders your breath control!!  Clean eating and a good probiotic, plus regular detox/cleanse can help keep your gut function healthy.


Need cardio to make it through performance—Dancing and just higher adrenaline levels

Need strong abs to have good breath control

Quick Tips:  jump rope and running, then sing!   Sing while doing Plank!


Getting enough restful sleep is Vital to your health!

Voice is a muscle—it gets tired, especially if YOU are tired!

If we don’t REST—our body doesn’t recuperate/regenerate…if we DO it can HEAL itself!

Tips for surviving tech/show week:

*Eat healthy!  Plan your meals and make sure you have healthy snacks for rehearsals

*Don’t eat too much or nothing before you sing…I love smoothies w/gluten free plant based protein

*Drink LOTS of water—throughout the day!  Normal recommendation is half your body weight in ounces (for shows I would do ¾)

*Sleep—have a bed time and routine and stick to it!  Stretching, yoga, etc is great to do to help unwind after late rehearsals.

*Vocal warm up and cool down before and after shows!

*Vocal rest, give your voice a break before and after performance.

*Lemon water– 1/2 lemon in 8-16oz.  (hot or cold)  Cuts mucus

*shot of Olive oil before performance helps keep throat moist


To Purchase Peppermint and other oils: