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Discover Your Voice Workshop

Do you want to gain confidence to sing and speak in front of people?Do you want to learn how to use your voice effectively and healthily?Do you want to be able to move an audience with your voice and passion?If so – Register below for Discover Your Voice –... read more

Warm up Wednesday: Tongue Twisters

So I’m planning to do a full post on the importance of warming up, and tips for a great warm up, etc.  But since I’m heading into tech week for a show and am short on time, I’m just going to give one tip! Warm up what you NEED!  I always warm up my... read more

Technique Tuesday : Articulator-your jaw

Hey Everyone!  This week I just want to give you some quick tips on how to keep your jaw relaxed and open while you sing! Find the hinge that works your jaw and simply open until you feel it release.  That is your natural singing position.  Basically, wherever your... read more

Wednesday Warm Up

Hey Everyone!  So I thought I would do something different this week and give you a chance to practice the Techniques we have been going through.  So I wanted to give you some breathing exercises to help you practice what we learned!  I know, I know, you have been... read more

Making Sound 102: why does my voice break?

It’s Technique Tuesday!!  Unfortunately, my computer crashed and with it my thoroughly thought out blog post for today… so you will just have to watch the video and then comment with some questions and I can take the time to try include answers and clarify... read more

Breathing 102: Breath Control

It’s Technique Tuesday!! Now that we have lots of Breath Support (air IN our lungs), next we have to deal with what we do with it once it’s in there, getting it out!  Breath Control is essential for singing!  Let’s review where we are:  We have inhaled (through... read more

Check out my new Patreon Video Coaching Site

Check out my new Video lesson page on Patreon! This is a great way to get vocal tips, practice at home, and even get some personal coaching via Skype! The Site: www.patreon.com/MsForte How it works: You sign up to be a Patron and support me by pledging anything from... read more