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Versatile Vocalises
This engaging vocalise cd contains teaching and exercises for beginning and intermediate vocal students. Each vocalise includes a lesson designed to teach a specific vocal technique. Once you are familiar with the teaching, you can skip to the piano tracks and work each lesson on your own. This is a great tool for individual and group training. It can also be used as a companion tool with the Vocal Training Workshop DVD series. MP3 Download or Disc by mail.

Download or Disc?


Versatile Vocals Training DVD + Free CD –$ 65 ($4 shipping)

The Vocal Training Workshop includes 6 sessions approximately 50 minutes each. Each session focuses on a different vocal technique and includes practical exercises. This series is designed to be used in your home or as a class. Disc by mail only.

Multi Cd package—5 cd’s–$40 ($4 shipping)
Five of our Vocalise CD’s by mail.

Vocal/Piano Lesson Gift Certificates
Voice or piano lessons make great gifts! Purchase individual lessons or save by purchasing a four lesson pack. You’ll receive an email after checkout to confirm your order.