There you are, standing in the wings about to go on stage, waiting to sing your favorite song, give your big presentation, or play your dream role. The question is … are you ready?

You can be!  Who knows, you might just amaze yourself.

Everyone is a vocalist and your voice is an instrument you can learn to play!  Holding a clarinet for the first time, you wouldn’t know how to play it.  But with practice, you could learn to make beautiful music with it. The same is true of your voice! You can learn how to produce wonderfully unique music and develop a confident tone that commands a conference room.  These vocal lessons go beyond how you sound and become valuable life skills.

Maybe you don’t have a desire to get on stage, or make a career of singing, but your voice is your calling card and you use it every day. Ms. Forte will help you take your voice to the next level: from a Vocalist to an Artist.

The days of singing freely on stage, in church, and in your car can be right around the corner! Instead of singing with your friends as quietly as a mouse or being terrified your voice will crack in the boardroom, you will hold your head high and shoulders back as you make your point during an argument or on a work call because your voice will be strong.  You’ll find yourself longing for the next road trip so you can belt out your favorites and suggesting karaoke night with your new found confidence.

Whatever the reason, Vocal MasterClass 101 is for you! Sign up now to learn the skills to masterfully play your unique instrument- YOUR VOICE!

Your Monthly Membership includes:

  •  Personalized Instruction with Two Online Group MasterClasses per month!   
  • Curated Content Library on various topics like Breathing, Vocal Control, Bridging Registers, Vocal Health, Authentic Performance, Warm ups and more!
  • Free Digital Download of Versatile Vocalises-14 warm ups with teachings and piano! 
  • Recordings of all Workshop Teachings, Including Special Guests!!
  • Membership to a like-minded community of encouraging vocal builders
  • Monthly Q&A – plus opportunity to post questions and get answers weekly in the group chat!!

Join Vocal Master Class 101 for only $45 per month!

Personal Review: I joined Vocal Masterclass 101 to gain confidence singing in front of others. I quickly figured out how much I could learn just by watching Ms. Forte instruct others! There are times she will cheerfully reassure us saying, “We are just making noise!” And then those noises become the building blocks of singing! It is a great balance of excellent training with a supportive atmosphere. ~Erin Reid, 43, California~


Want more? Vocal Masterclass PLUS also includes one 50 Minute PRIVATE lesson per month!! PLUS the group classes and online content! Only $120/month. Sign Up Here!

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