Helping you Find your Forte in Music and in life…developing Your BEST Sound! My teaching philosophy is that YOU are the Instrument…and the Music is in You, we have to train you on how to let it out, to take your talent and turn it into a skill so that you can share the song that is in your heart.

Why Take Lessons? 

Voice:  Many people can sing without “vocal techniques”…so why pay money to get “training.” It’s true that many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase it’s potential. It’s one thing to have talent…and quite another to develop that talent into skill!! Taking lessons and learning how to properly use your voice can increase your vocal range—both in notes and musical styles.

Piano: I believe reading and understanding music is an important part of life, especially for anyone who wants to be a performer of any kind. Basic note reading, counting rhythms, understanding dynamics and music theory are all part of learning piano and are the foundations of every other instrument, including your voice. Whether you want to be able to play Bach or Beethoven, or just be able to play your favorite song as you sing along…piano lessons are for you!


Lesson Type:

Private Lessons ( Voice and Piano): Consist of one on one instruction…Private lessons are individually tailored for each students’ goals and musical ability. Whether you are looking for consistent weekly lessons to develop your vocal technique or just need a few specialized lessons to get ready for an audition or event we can tailor a program just for you!

Group Lessons/Classes (Voice): Group classes are a great and affordable way to develop the basic vocal techiniques, and the advanced/specialized classes can help with the specific techniques you need to work on.  If no class is currently scheduled, group lessons are offered at an affordable rate and can be tailored to fit your groups needs.  DVD’s of the Vocal Training Workshop are also available for use in your group.

MasterClass: MasterClass is a great opportunity to get some performance experience in a safe and learning environment. Each masterclass has an introductory teaching on a vocal technique and basic stage performance…then students are given the opportunity to perform and receive a 10 min critique/workshop on their vocals and stage presence. These classes are designed to give students practical experience in putting into practice what they have learned and how to deal with that nasty enemy—stage fright—in the only place you can truly learn—on stage!

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