Lesson philosophy–

Helping you Find your Forte in Music and in life…developing Your BEST Sound!

I want my students to feel encouraged and inspired, to recognize that they need to learn more but know that they CAN do it.  I want students to know that their pursuit of excellence in itself is a great accomplishment and a lifetime endeavor.  Anyone can IMPROVE their singing…and whether they want to be a Platinum Artist or simply sing in the shower better, or even just get over a fear of public speaking…voice lessons can help you find who you are (YOUR voice, your sound, your style, YOUR BEST) and have the courage to share it with the world.

My teaching philosophy is that YOU are the Instrument…and the Music is in You, we have to train you on how to let it out, to take your talent and turn it into a skill so that you can sing that song that is in your heart.

*I believe the Voice is part of YOU!  Part of the larger instrument of your BODY, but also a window to your soul and the inner depths of who you are. To fully develop it we need to train the WHOLE PERSON.  (Mind, body, emotions, and voice)

*I deal with ALL aspects of Musical Performance…

Training your voice muscle to produce Your best sound as well as how to sing multiple styles without losing your technique.

Stage Presence and how to PERFORM a song with your voice AND body (acting)

**Dealing with Nerves!!  Mental prep and developing Confidence!**

Caring for your BODY as your instrument…Eating/Exercising/Resting

I am a performer myself…so I know where you are coming from:

*Musical Theater–auditions, shows–both as a performer and a director

*been on both the performing and directing/backstage side of MANY productions….so I know what directors are thinking when you audition!

*Solo performance–concert style, big production, church worship team

*I have made tons of mistakes… Performance snafus, health concerns, bad  technique–LEARN from MY mistakes so you don’t make your own!

What to bring–

Notebook or recorder

Music you have worked on or want to work on

Be prepared to sing a song–whatever you like.

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